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Below is everything you need to know about how my Patreon works, what you get for your money, and what my existing Patreons think of me and my teaching.

Why Join My Patreon?

Watch this video to find out what you can expect from my Patreon page, and get an idea of my teaching style. 

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Finding the Right Tier for You

I have four tiers on my Patreon channel, each offering more than the last. And there's something suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of skill and experience. 

Don't worry if you can't quite decide which tier you think is best for you. You can move up or down tiers as you go.


Tier One

£5 (+VAT) per month


Monthly Beginners Tutorials

- Going back to basics with high detailed realism, broken down into manageable chunks.

- Keeping the pencils I use to one brand where I can, talking about all the things more experienced artists take for granted, but that really do create a great foundation for your work.


Focus Videos

- Access to a focus video each month. These videos may focus on eyes, noses, fur types, or may well be a full tutorial that isn't quite as long as on the $10 tier.

- Full real-time with voice over including the high resolution reference photo, line art and a materials document.

Discord Chat

- Access to exclusive Discord chat.

- Become part of a growing community of like-minded artists.

Group Social Media Pages

- Access to my group Instagram page, have your work shared, plus access to my Patreon only Facebook group.


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Tier Two

£10 (+VAT) per month

Chat Room

- Access to my Patreon only chat room, where you can chat with fellow Patrons. 

Full Tutorial Videos

- Access to all the rewards from Tier One, plus a full real time tutorial that could be up to 40 hours long. I talk you through from start to finish, giving you hints and tips along the way and giving you full access to my techniques. You get to hear my thought process around colour, what works and what doesn't, you'll see real time how I overcome any issues I may encounter, and I show you how to rectify mistakes.

Backstage Pass

- See sneaky peaks of latest pieces that won't be shown on social media.

- Find videos of the people I work with so you get a glimpse into how my art business works. This could include me talking with my framer about choosing the right frame for a piece of artwork, or showing you how they created the mounts I use for each piece.

Monthly Exclusive Patreon Only Live Q&A Sessions

- You will have the chance to ask any questions before the event, and then join in when it all goes live. - Live demos and answering further questions, all via Zoom.


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What My Existing Students Have to Say

"Bonny’s tutorials are the best I’ve seen. And I researched quite a few before making the decision to join her on Patreon. Her coloured pencil techniques and methods of teaching are outstanding. If you're a beginner, this is the place to start. If you already have experience with coloured pencils, then this is the place to improve and hone your skills. Even experienced artists will find enrichment from her tutorials and from Bonny’s Patreon group." 


- Cheryl Birkhimer

"I don't know Bonny personally, but have followed her for sometime on Patreon and YouTube. I can attest that she is very funny, friendly and an amazing colour pencil artist. Bonny is a wonderful teacher. Her tutorials are very informative and she is always willing to share advice or help with any coloured pencil problems one may have. Her work is top notch! She is at the top of her game!"


- Jean Elaine

"I just became a patron of Bonny Snowdon. I started trying to learn coloured pencil art a few years ago. I have struggled. I’ve watched lots of tutorials. But, I have never seen any tutorials that explain so much as Bonny’s do. She actually grasps what beginners go through and explains things that I have never seen before but I really need to know and understand. I cannot thank her enough for her generosity in time and talent to reach out to those of us who need it. I highly recommend her tutorials."

- Katherine Duvain Parker

And Some of Their Work

Ida Juliano-Eddy - Before and After - Patreon - Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

Ida Juliano-Eddy

Judith Wysocki - Before and After - Patreon - Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

Judith Wysocki

Pamela Mineo - Before and After - Patreon - Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

Pamela Mineo

Patsy McDaniel Sirman - Before and After - Patreon - Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

Patsy McDaniel Sirman

Joellen Conway - Before and After - Patreon - Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

Joellen Conway

Zeynep Gur - Before and After - Patreon - Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

Zeynep Gur

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