A few kind words from my followers on social media and Patreon.

"I was really pleased with the above portrait and I got a lot of compliments. In April I found Bonny via Instagram and was blown away by the depth and detail of the work. Joined Patreon in May. Discovered Pastelmat and added to my pencils! I still struggle with ‘layering’ and getting the right texture but have learned to achieve more depth and 3D-ness, also getting more contrast. Need to not worry about how long it’s all taking. This is my most recent work, Ruby, my daughter's Border Terrier cross."


- Vivianne Fraser

"I loved every minute of this tutorial. Bonny, you simplified the process so well and even though I didn’t have a lot of the colours you had listed, by working under your guidance you gave me the confidence to go with my instincts. The amount of comments and interest I had in this piece made my confidence soar. Thank you so much, Bonny!"


- Ruth Morris


"With Bonny’s exceptional tutorial skill and artistic talent, I went from never attempting drawing on Pastelmat to completely challenging myself with a subject that I never attempted drawing before either. She has turned my anxiety into confidence as I continue honing in my skill on Pastelmat and other forms of paper. Bonny's awesome and inspiring and I thank her."


- Katalin Graue 

"I find your tutorials thorough and clear when explaining your methods, which makes coloured pencil painting so much more pleasurable. Mostly, you have taught me how to choose and mix colours to attain the depth necessary in realism art. And Bonny, you are just fun to listen to, especially if you’re waffling on!" 


- Lorie Boots

"Dear Bonny, I want to say thank you. I had already drawn a lot before, but you taught me so many tricks in your tutorials that I can now do on my own and can develop further on my own. I learned a lot through the wonderful group and all the questions that were answered. In the corona time, your videos and zoom meetings were the highlight for my children and me. Your tutorials are so warm and personal. I love that. What you also offer on Patreon is very rich. Thanks to you, I made another big leap in my abilities and, above all, gained confidence. I am so glad I came across your work! Thank you!"


- Patricia Routhier

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