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An Easy Way to Create White Whiskers with Coloured Pencils on Pastelmat When All Else Fails

While I've been working on a commissioned drawing of a gorgeous black and white cat, I came to a bit of a standstill when I realised that after adding layer after layer of coloured pencil, I was left with absolutely no tooth on my Pastelmat, which meant that I wasn’t able to add this cat’s lovely white whiskers in over his dark fur. 

The situation presented me with a bit of a conundrum. What do you do when you're trying to get white whiskers in over the top of black fur, you've lost all of your tooth, and all you're getting when you try to draw your white whiskers is a muddy, dark grey? 

There was a chance I was going to have to scrap the piece - which I'd already spent many hours on - and start from scratch. Luckily, there was another option, so I put my brave pants on, hopped onto the Jackson's Art website, ordered the Brush and Pencil Touch Up Texture and the Brush and Pencil Advanced Coloured Pencil Texture Fixative, and thanks to next day delivery, I was ready to go.

Give the video above a watch to find out what happened next, how I used the Touch Up Texture and Fixative, and how having materials like these can help you with your own coloured pencil artwork in the future. 


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